Workflow Services

Visual Workflow Designer and Server Platform

Workflow Studio is the process designer and developer tool for the EmpowerID workflow platform, a team-based rapid development environment for creating federated applications, system connectors, web services, and workflow applications. Workflow Studio is the tool used by the EmpowerID development team to create the product modules. Both Workflow Studio and the EmpowerID platform services come with any purchased EmpowerID module and grant customers the same power as our product team to develop secure solutions.

Organizations can also leverage the workflow design studio to encapsulate their own code into this reusable drag and drop model and mix and match them with any of hundreds of out-of-the-box workflow activities provided with EmpowerID. As a result, development and deployment of applications are faster, they are a better match to business requirements, and they can be reconfigured rapidly when the business process changes.

Workflows run on the EmpowerID workflow services which are the hosting components responsible for managing the execution of EmpowerID’s Windows Workflow Foundation applications in large, distributed environments. The workflow server is distributable, scalable, and capable of handling the most demanding, high-volume environments. It supports any number of workflow servers running in parallel at one time or distributed across firewall boundaries with secure encrypted web services communication as well as automatic load-balancing and failover.

The EmpowerID workflow platform stores all workflows and their components in the metadirectory and the workflow servers download the latest workflow versions, running them locally. This hub-and-spoke architecture ensures that all workflow servers can process any new or old version of a workflow side-by-side on the same server.

Key Features:

  • Robust 64-bit multi-threaded IIS architecture
  • Fault tolerance and failover for scaling in large enterprises
  • Visual drag-and-drop design environment for developing applications using the Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation
  • The team-based workflow development environment offers source control with versioning, check-in, check-out, and portable workflow project packages
  • What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) designers create user interfaces without requiring coding or design skills
  • User interfaces are dynamic and responsive to the security access level of the user, without requiring that the developer write this logic into the application
  • Automatic approval routing and task tracking even for custom code using the unique Rights Based Approval Routing (RBAR) technology
  • Fully supports consuming web services or re-using custom code and securely exposing workflows and functionality as web services
  • Large library of ready-to-use workflow shapes and wizards for generating new ones
  • Workflow engine supports event publication and subscription, alerting, scheduled workflows, and permanent workflows that act as services
  • The ability to develop federation authorization extensions for claim-based systems supporting SAML or WS-Trust like Microsoft SharePoint
  • Full C# development capabilities without requiring Microsoft Visual Studio
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