Password Manager

Reduce the Cost of Forgotten Passwords

EmpowerID Password Manager is a secure solution enabling end-users to reset their forgotten passwords across multiple systems without requiring helpdesk intervention. Password Manager provides a secure web-based interface and workflow processes for designated helpdesk staff to verify a user’s identity and perform an assisted password reset or generate a one-time login password . The cost of a single password reset in a medium-sized organization is estimated to be $20. By automating portions of the reset process , this figure can be reduced to as little as $3 accompanied by a 30% reduction in help desk calls . Password Manager’s flexible workflows allow an organization to implement a password reset process specific to their needs.

Key Benefits:

  • Saves time and money allowing users can quickly resolve password problems on their own and reduce the helpdesk’s workload
  • Increases security with stronger password policy options and multiple forms of second factor authentication
  • Faster and better service decreasing end-user wait times and minimizing lost productivity with 24/7 self-service
  • Installs quickly and ensures rapid adoption through mandatory enrollment during the login process
  • Fulfills compliance with detailed audit trails, workflow approvals, and RBAC

Key Features:

  • Supports self-service password change, forgotten password reset, and unlocks locked out accounts across multiple directories
  • Helpdesk assisted password reset and unlock workflows
  • Multi-language user interface support
  • The only solution with the ability to force user enrollment for self-service reset during the login process
  • Password and account expiration notification workflows warn users before their passwords and accounts expire
  • A Windows Login Screen client enables users to perform password resets even if they cannot login to Windows
  • Active Directory Domain Controller agent captures password changes in AD and sends them to EmpowerID to sync
  • Extensive password complexity options including unlimited password history
  • Two-factor authentication including support for One-Time Password (OTP) login and device registration
  • Shipping with over 15 password management workflows that can be completely customized and the ability to create your own workflows and system connectors
  • Detailed reporting and a report designer that allows you to customize reports or create new ones
  • Inventories all user account information including password last set, password expires on, and account lockout status from Active Directory and other systems
  • Full web services API so all actions can be initiated programmatically
  • Integrates with EmpowerID SSO Manager to allow secure Federated sign-in with Social Media logins for users to securely authenticate with an alternate account and perform a password reset
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