Lync Manager

Lync Delegated Management and Self-Service

EmpowerID Lync Manager automates and simplifies the complex process of provisioning, managing and auditing Microsoft Lync and OCS users and their settings. Lync Manager unifies the provisioning, delegated administration, and self-service of Lync users with a shared console, Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) security model, and a set of workflows that also manage key enterprise systems. These include Active Directory users and groups, LDAP users and groups, Exchange Mailboxes, computers, and even custom applications. This centralized RBAC administration model eliminates the need to grant or manage native system permissions thereby reducing complexity and the likelihood of human errors.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces costs by automating Lync provisioning and de-provisioning with consistent template-based settings
  • Frees constrained technical resources from unneeded direct participation by securely delegating to users and privileged staff
  • Eliminates complex permissions management and the need to delegate the native permissions required for technical and business users to perform management tasks
  • Reduces risk with a Separation of Duties (SoD) policy engine that detects toxic permissions combinations and provides attestation and access reviews
  • Increases responsiveness with workflow-based self-service

Key Features:

  • Full management of Lync users in the same interface that manages users, groups, mailboxes, shared folders, roles, etc.
  • Workflows with the ability to edit all core Lync user settings as well as workflow building blocks for customization and coverage of all aspects of Lync user management
  • Manages the most complex Lync environments including those where Lync resides in separate Active Directory Forests including those in hosted instances
  • Powerful security model supporting Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC), and Separation of Duties enforcement (SoD)
  • Unique Rights-Based Approval Routing (RBAR) technology automatically routes requests for approval based on delegations
  • Metadirectory and sync engine continuously inventories and monitors your Lync systems to discover new servers and changes in Lync user settings
  • Automatically enable and disable features such as enterprise voice when a user’s role changes within an organization
  • Fully programmable, allowing all Lync management actions to be exposed via a secure web services API that allows for the utilization of any PowerShell cmdlet as a secure action in workflows
  • Rich audit trail of all activity meets the key requirements of corporate compliance and governance initiatives
  • Load-balancing across pools is handled automatically using customizable rules
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