Group Manager

Group Self-Service, Admin, and Dynamic Membership

EmpowerID Group Manager is a solution for group self-service operations, delegated administration, and dynamic membership management. Groups are the most widely used method for managing application and resource security within enterprises, however, about 70% of organizations acknowledge that their group management solution is lacking. Gaining control over group membership is an essential step in any enterprise compliance initiative. EmpowerID Group Manager provides organizations with centralized workflow and role-driven automation of the entire group lifecycle management process and enables groups to be a strategic part of any initiative focused on security, centralized authorization or compliance.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces risk and strengthens security as users do not require direct access to Active Directory or to native management tools
  • Saves time and money by securely enabling end-users to create and manage their own groups, to join or to leave groups, and to expire groups they manage based on the delegated permissions
  • Reduces complexity by enabling admins and end-users to use one tool for group management in Active Directory, Exchange, and all other systems
  • Faster and better service by decreasing end-user wait times and minimizing lost productivity with 24/7 self-service
  • Rapid adoption with a quick installation and over 25 ready-to-use workflows for group management and self-service
  • Fulfills compliance with detailed audit trails, workflow approvals, and RBAC security to help organizations breeze through audits

Key Features:

  • Cross platform support for Office 365, Google Apps, Active Directory, LDAP, as well as groups in custom applications in one unified management console
  • Inventories your enterprise directories and continuously monitors them for the creation of new groups, group deletions, and membership changes
  • Friendly web-based user interfaces allow users to perform self-service from anywhere
  • A proven Role-Based Access Control model granularly delegates and reports on who has access to what without requiring management of complex Active Directory ACLs
  • Group to protected resource linking allows access requests and auditing to be more accurate and intuitive by displaying the actual resources protected by groups
  • Group attestation policies automate the recertification of group membership by group owners and the policies that grant group ownership
  • Rights-based Approval Routing (RBAR) technology for all group management tasks evaluates security policies and routes requests for approval when necessary
  • Features time-based restrictions on group membership and owner rights that automatically remove permissions upon expiration and prevent accumulation of privileges
  • Separation of Duties (SoD) policy engine detects and prevents toxic group membership combinations
  • Audit trail of all changes including identifying users who requested the change and users who approved the change
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