File Share Manager

Shared Folder Permissions Inventory and Management

EmpowerID File Share Manager inventories shared folders and their permissions on Windows File Servers to provide centralized access reporting and audit, delegated permissions administration, automated role-based access control, and self-service access request workflows.

Information resources like folders on file servers are protected by access control lists containing security groups. Users are placed into these groups according to their department, role, function, or an organizational need. Groups must be assigned properly-defined access control lists and users must be placed into the correct groups to maintain security.

For IT departments, aligning data with groups is a continual and demanding process that is made practical only through automation. Access control lists and groups used to protect data are not maintained adequately within most enterprises. Such gaps in security result in users accessing more information than they require increasing the likelihood of lost data, misuse and theft.

File Share Manager eliminates these security threats by creating an automated, RBAC-governed, and auditable process for granting access. By sending access decisions to the correct users for approval, actions are seamlessly executed without requiring technical knowledge from the user or exposing the necessary system privileges.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces costs by automating the “granting” and “revoking” access for shared folders as users change job duties or move between locations within an organization
  • Frees constrained technical resources by allowing business data owners to manage their shared folders subject to granular controls
  • Eliminates complexity by unifying management across an entire organization's file server environments with a single centralized management tool
  • Reduces risk by eliminating the need to grant native folder permissions management rights in Windows, formerly a requirement in allowing business or technical users to perform user management tasks
  • Strengthens security and assists with compliance requirements by providing instant access to who has access to which shared folders, when and why the access was granted, and who approved the request
  • Reduces risk with a Separation of Duties (SoD) policy engine that detects toxic permissions assignment combinations and provides attestation and access reviews

Key Features:

  • Continuously inventories and monitors your Windows Server systems to discover new shared folders as they appear and to detect all permissions changes, providing complete visibility over what shared folder resources exist and who may access them
  • A unified management console allows data owners and auditors to easily see who has which level of access for their folders in one location — even when access is granted directly to users or using Active Directory groups
  • Unique Rights-Based Approval Routing (RBAR) technology automatically routes requests for approval to the appropriate data owners based on Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) delegations
  • Closes the common security gap that arises when AD groups created to grant a specific level of access to one set of folders are unknowingly used to grant access to others
  • Automated and schedulable attestation policies trigger reviews by data owners of the access granted to shared folders
  • Separation of Duties (SoD) functionality allows toxic access combinations such as “any user in the IT admin team having access to the Audit team’s shared folder” to be defined and then continuously monitored for violations by the EmpowerID engine
  • Role-based access policies leverage your Active Directory, HR system, and other directories to automate granting and revoking shared folder access as users change job duties or move between departments and locations within an organization
  • Self-Service workflows allow end-users to request access to shared folders using the same web interfaces and workflows as they would use for requesting access to applications, groups or other IT resources
  • Reports and an easy-to-use report designer provide a rich and extensible reporting solution for all aspects of shared folder permissions within your organization
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